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Cebu Computer Technology

Cebu Technology is one of the most important aspect in running up a business today. It enables many important task to improve our daily personal and business operations. It also provides an edge for growth. Some businesses are able to rely on a single application, whereas others rely on complex servers, multiple work stations, and remote access for messaging, traveling and home-based employees.

Cebu Computer Repair Experts Services

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This significant growth of technology around the Philippines especially in Cebu are so important. In this situation many small business are now establishing and would need of IT personnel into their offices. But we know that some of this companies or business establishment would just want to have someone they could trust to setup their computer especially handling their technical problems. Now because of this concern we have establish a professional services which we know it could help many business establishment.

These are the services we are offering:

Managed Services Support
* Desktop Computer Setup
* Desktop Computer Repair
* Laptop Repair
* Data Recovery
* Virus Removal
* Computer Cleaning
* Software and Hardware Upgrade

* Hardware Maintenance
* Business IT Support
* Network and Wireless Setup
* Router and Switched Configuration
* CCTV IP Telephony
* Web Development

Here is our Information for you to be able to reach us.

Telephone #(32)266-3540


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